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This is another contradictory piece.  It's the Android droid about to eat an apple off an apple tree.  This was painted in acrylic on an iPhone 4s and sprayed with polyurethane to help preserve it. The back of the phone does have an extensive cracked section that you can see in the middle picture.  I believe that just gives it character and since you really shouldn't be trying to use this phone it shouldn't really matter as it doesn't appear to effect the structural integrity of the piece.

As usual there is a digital easter egg somewhere on this piece.  This piece is just the phone as you see it.  If you'd like to make arrangements for some sort of mount or way to hang it on a wall or something, just let me know and we can work something out.  Please email me at the address in the Contact Us section below to make an offer.   Asking $1,000. Thank you!