A simple play on the disconnect between parents and children as well as some statements on the differences between the digital and physical worlds. When I created this I was envisioning a child asking for a toy and describing it, however the parents went and got an awesome new, latest technology and the child abuses it because what they really wanted was simply an Etch A Sketch, not a laptop.

The LCD screen and top portion of this piece were taken off an old Sager laptop.  The LCD should actually still work as it does include it’s circuitry if you wanted to still play with the parts.  The same goes for the keyboard, touchpad and buttons.  None of the major laptop internals are still in it though.  There is an “easter egg” hidden somewhere on this piece that is accessible without tearing it apart.  It’s mounted inside an old laptop case that was cut in half and includes the carry handle and shoulder strap to make it easy to hang on a wall or suspend from a ceiling.  It can also be set on a desktop, though it will wobble a bit. Asking $2,500

To make an offer, please email me at the address below in the Contact Us section.  Thank you!