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This is my favorite piece so far.  This is a fully operational Dell Monitor made to look like a side-view mirror of a truck with a VW mini-bus floating in space in the reflection.  There is some homage paid to one of my favorite stories The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but the piece itself it is not meant to represent only that.  I got the idea for this one while listening to the Grateful Dead while originally painting a simple universe like scene on the monitor.  The rest just kept flowing out on it's own.

I have not sprayed the monitor with polyurethane or any other type of treatment so care will need to be taken to make sure NOT to wash this with anything, even water as it will remove the acrylic paint used.  This is composed with a combination of acrylic paint applied with a brush and by finger painting.  It's also got some Sharpie marker which I'm growing quite fond of using.  Of course, there are quite a few little pieces of stuff from computers thrown in and a working watch that was about $300 when originally purchased, though this one is quite used and banged up, but fully functional.  It's atomic and solar rechargeable.  The list of features are too long to list here, but you can certainly see the brand and model and can look that up.

I'm still trying to work out how to mount this piece on a wall as it is meant to be mounted sideways to the wall.  If you already have an idea and would like to purchase it, please email me below with an offer.  I'll update this description when I figure out a way to include some sort of mount.

I suck at painting perfect squares and shapes, so the van came out a bit lopsided, that's why I decided to hit it with an asteroid to make it look like I did that on purpose, like of course I most certainly did.  The racing number is made up of a disk drive spindle part with just a printed out number and filled with resin glaze coat.  It's my first attempt at using that stuff, so please excuse my work if it's not perfect.  I do like how it turned out though.  Word to the wise: read the instructions thoroughly.  Don't do like I did and ignore them and have to wait 3 days for the mixture to finally set.  Thanks for checking it out and if you read all this, congratulations on getting all the way to the end of my drivel.  Asking $3,000