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Uh Oh!  Droid had a little too much fun while the missus was away, but now she's back and there's heck to pay!  This is just a fun piece.  As always I include one of my digital pieces along with it.

This is acrylic painting on an iPhone 6S that I believe was working before the battery dies.  I sprayed it with polyurethane to protect the paint and it had an interesting effect due to what appears to be some sort of protective coating on the screen I think.  You can see that effect illustrated in the second picture.  The black areas around the subjects is not painted.  That is the effect from the spray I'm talking about.  I absolutely love when works pop out unexpected cool looking results like that.

The beer cans are made from small capacitors off circuit boards from various electronics.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece please email me at the address below and make an offer.  Asking $1,000. Thank you!